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what academic classes do i need to achieve my career?

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2 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Core classes including english, history. psychology
Science classes including chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology
After the basics you will take nursing specific classes that complete your degree plan.

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Bashir’s Answer

It can be hard and challenging to choose academic classes for your field. Since some colleges request for many more classes than others. But If you to be on the safer side, take core classes first and advance slowly. As you earn interest in the several for example Nursing schools to join. Every major has core classes which are a must in all colleges. Therefore, I advice that you get to know your core/ must take major classes and begin with those. You may being with classes which may not be required in other schools or colleges. If you can get in touch with a student Advisor to give you a lay out of core classes that would be the best. Otherwise, try that and let me know how it goes.

If i want to become a rn what core classes should i take Gabby S.