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Other than biology and chemistry, What majors do you recommend for someone looking to go to medical school?

I am interested in becoming a Doctor in the future and want to make sure I have the right major for my likes and career goals. #majors #academic #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #medicine #college

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2 answers

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Richard’s Answer

I am a physician and I majored in biochemistry.

But when my premed son asked me for advice, I recommended a degree in business. As a radiologist, I feel like I am at the mercy of any whim a hospital administrator has. But if I "spoke the language" of business, I might be in a better position to negotiate with the business majors who run the hospital.

My son chose to double major in business and biochemistry. That means he has taken 5 courses and a lab most semesters so he is very busy in college.

Having a business major also provides a backup plan for those who don't gain admission to medical school or change their minds about applying.

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Gwendolyn’s Answer

Do your bachelors of science in nursing! Cant stress it enough. Even ifyou think youwant to to MD.