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how do you find a job that you want

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I want to be a music artist what job would help me #artist #musician #music-industry

2 answers

Mr. Ernst’s Answer


Curtis G,

It depends on what you want to do and what you can do. You can apply for digital music remix artist,podcast producer and or an audio facilitator. Do you breakdown, remix or rebuild songs? Can you work with project restrictions such as style, meter, duration or structure? Are you able to edit quickly with a mouse and keyboard? Do you have confidence enough in order to perform for various music groups? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself and answer before applying to any position. I wish you the best on your journey.

Neeraj’s Answer


One thing i've realized about the music industry, from the point of view of someone who would love to do it full time but just got bogged down with other priorities is that, unless you have the amount of passion and dedication to keep you up at night and believe in yourself, no one will hand you a job. Its a field where you have to take your own decisions, from practicing to composing, to recording and releasing your album. So if you havent done all of this and made some presentable material, follow these steps.

Neeraj recommends the following next steps:

  • Research about how the artists you look up to made it
  • Become very good at your art and write compositions and get it produced
  • Use social media for networking as well as marketing you and your content
  • Build your network, play more gigs, eventually you will end up with like-minded people who will help you achieve your dream.