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What career would you recommend besides business or cosmetology, that would still best fit me ?

I love makeup & fashion but i am also open minded to other ideas including something that is fun and that’ll keep me active. #career-details

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1 answer

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Carole’s Answer

Hi Aliyah; I think that I can answer this for you because before I became a Career Counselor, I worked for a cosmetic firm as an Image consultant. I was trained by the company, but I also had some experience for selling when I joined the company. They taught me about make-up application, color analysis (wearing the right colors), and a computerized system for facial structure. We were into companies and gave a presentation at the lunch hour and I mostly had individual clients. The computer would give people what styles would look good on each person." Image Consultant" is defined as professionals who assess the current status of public perception of an individual, their clothing, hair and make-up and maybe voice, and walk. Also an Image Consultant can do the same for the company or organization as to how they are perceive by others. It is a satisfying and fun job if you can find the right company for you. You should be good at evaluating people, companies and organization and find the negative and positive attributes and determine the best way to enhance positive attributes.

The other career that I think would work for you would be "Personal Shopper or Assistant. Your working more with one person than a company or organization. There is training involved in "Image Consulting" and you can put in on the internet Image Consulting Training and you will see DeVry University and Style Coaching Institute, and many other. It would be good for you to look this up and research this information if you think you would like to pursue this career.

Again if you like people, and love what you are doing you will be very happy most of the time. I wish you the best in your research.

Carole recommends the following next steps:

Make sure you look up "Image consulting training and schools." It would be great if you could get a certification after you end your training.That always looks good on a resume.