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Lakeland, Florida
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Aliyah Apr 23, 2019 415 views

What career would you recommend besides business or cosmetology, that would still best fit me ?

I love makeup & fashion but i am also open minded to other ideas including something that is fun and that’ll keep me active. #career-details

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Aliyah Apr 23, 2019 327 views

What jobs would you suggest, that would best fit my personality?

My personality is fun, outgoing & girly. I really love things that have to do with fashion. #fashion

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Aliyah Apr 23, 2019 290 views

Will being a makeup artist bring me further in life or will taking the risk to own a business take me further?

I want a job that will keep me stable financially and yet increase revenue. #career

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Aliyah Apr 23, 2019 364 views

Would majoring in business and minoring in cosmetology be the best option or should I change my plan?

I enjoying experimenting with different cosmetology techniques. As well as, having a backup plan is good and I would love to be an entrepreneur one day. #makeuplover #Boss

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Aliyah Apr 23, 2019 241 views

If my strengths are good communication and I'm outgoing and hobbies are doing makeup, what types of careers or industries might best fit me ?

What other strengths or experiences might i need for the suggested careers?