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Would majoring in business and minoring in cosmetology be the best option or should I change my plan?

I enjoying experimenting with different cosmetology techniques. As well as, having a backup plan is good and I would love to be an entrepreneur one day. makeuplover Boss

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1 answer

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Alejandra’s Answer

Hi Aliyah,

I think that your plan looks very good. Any career that is related with health, beauty, well being is very promising. You get business acumen from the business major and then you build your business around something that you like and you feel energized to do like cosmetology!!.

In my case I studied electronic engineering, then I started to build my self as a leader and now I am getting certified to be a supplement and nutrition consultant so..... Go for it!!

That sounds like a great plan if you want to start/work in a cosmetology business! If you want to start your own business, i would encourage you look into possibly an entrepreneurship minor as well. Mitchell McCaffrey