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What are some tips that I get to become a successful business woman?

I want to be rich, be my own boss and have a successful business. business boss # millionaire

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4 answers

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Carrie’s Answer

Find something that is not working well and create a solution. People will pay you for a better experience. You can read customer reviews to get ideas. Blockbuster would still exist today if they had not upset their customer base with late and rewind fees.

Don't try to do everything yourself. Partner with individuals who are experts in their field. That way you can each concentrate on what you do best.
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Bruno’s Answer

Hello, I can tell you about my wife she's a successful woman as a mother of 2 kids and a wedding planner, what I can tell you about it are 4 things that for her matter the most.

1. Don't pay attention on what others are saying.
2. Networking.
4. Execute

This four steps combined would give a solid foundation on whatever you want to do on your life.
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Nicole’s Answer

Be persistent. Trust your instincts. Build a network. Be a person that people want to work with. Take risks. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. Do something that you're good at.
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Pro’s Answer

If you help others with part of your profits, your life will be better for it.