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what's its like working with green marketers?

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2 answers

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Shelette’s Answer

Working with green marketers is a lot of fun and you are benefiting society! Typically, organizations and companies that are focused on green marketing are ones that are passionate about the environment and sustainability of the world's natural resources. When you work with these companies, it is important that you:

1. Take a look at their mission and vision statement which is usually on their website. This will let you know what they believe in and are passionate about.

2. Take into consideration their mission and vision with every interaction you have with them such as when you interview with them for a job or submit a proposal for a business deal with them.



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M’s Answer

I work for big multinational company in Ireland in marketing (we market technology). I believe all companies now are trying to align their brand and values with positive initiatives - whether it be Environment, Sustainability, Social issues, Educational training - and are calling it CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities. Even though our daily work is not focused on green marketing, we still get heavily involved in local green projects as a company which is very satisfying and fulfilling - contributing to something more than just profit.

Hope this gives some insight, M