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Are there any physical therapy shadowing opportunities for college students?

in or near Newark, NJ physical-therapy

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7 answers

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Linda’s Answer

In Arizona I have had students reach out to me directly. Where ever a PT works, the company will have a policy and most PT's are happy to share their profession. Reach out to a clinic near your college and or home, you can also contact your local chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association .
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robin’s Answer

Hi, was in PT for months and yes I had unpaid and paid college students shadow the physical therapists. Call your local places and just ask, it never hurts to pick up the phone and speak with someone. Most times just doing that you may find a lead to another place by just asking, most humans are will to help and if not move on to the next place . If you are in HS your career counselor may have a lead. College they should offer you internships paid and unpaid.

robin recommends the following next steps:

Call ask to speak the manager of the PT location
Check Career counselor office, PT offices call local colleges to put internships up for grabs
Ask your own doctor if they of any location offering interships
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Joshua’s Answer

Hi Nii!

Students like yourselves usually need to take the initiative to find shadowing opportunities.
Just go to a local office or to an office of someone you know, or even your MD to ask him, her.
Say something like you are considering a career in PT , and wants to see what qualities are called for,and that you would greatly appreciate having the opportunity to shadow one of their PTs.
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Grant’s Answer

My Cousin is a senior physical therapy consultant however he is in Glasgow Scotland, I have a contact at a hospital in Boston MA, if you would be ok with going there for a visit? I can ask them about physical therapy shadowing and short internships and will do my best to update on here, Boston really is a nice city and you're not far away, a few hours on the train or even quicker to fly to Boston Logan..

There's lots to see and do there and the people are nice,the food is great too (am sure you've been already, I stayed there for a while myself)


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Maryann’s Answer

Hi Nii

Now with our new norm with coronavirus you can call private PT practices and ask about their protocol on shadowing or becoming a PT aide.
You can check the videos online. It may give you an idea of what PT does until you can find a place to shadow. I hope this helps.

Best of luck
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Isaac’s Answer

Hospitals are always looking for rehab techs to assist Physical Therapist throughout the day
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Martha’s Answer

There are lots of opportunities for college students to shadow physical therapists. This is a regular occurrence and is usually welcome by facilities and therapists. You should get in touch with the CCCE (center coordinator for clinical education) at a physical therapy facility that you are interested in.