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Linda Thunn, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist
Phoenix, AZ
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Sophia V.’s Avatar
Sophia V. Feb 25 179 views

What specific classes or credits do I need to complete in order to become a physical therapist?

Hi, I am a sophomore in high school and I am really interested in physical therapy. At first I was looking into athletic training but I wanted to set a higher goal for myself, such as becoming a physical therapist. I am a very active teen and I love staying healthy. I think job would be a very...

Hannah F.’s Avatar
Hannah F. Jun 08, 2021 184 views

What is the best/most common major that students go into when they go to college when they want to be a physical therapist?

I was thinking about majoring in kinesiology in college. honestly unsure about what school at the moment. have been looking into umass amherst's kinesiology program. I want to get the best education in undergrad before going into a strict physical therapy track. #physical-therapy #major...

Manar A.’s Avatar
Manar A. Apr 27, 2020 207 views

How to improve my handling skills ?

#physical-therapy #physiotherapy

Justin P.’s Avatar
Justin P. Mar 02, 2020 343 views

How many assessments do you have to pass to become a physical therapist?

I am 14 and I love to play soccer and I'm thinking about getting involved in the physical therapist field. Athletes always get injured so it would be helpful to become one. #physical-therapist #occupational-therapy #physical-therapy

Aimaya D.’s Avatar
Aimaya D. Sep 23, 2019 396 views

What made you specialize in Physical Therapy?

#physical-therapist #physical-therapy #physical #therapy #medicine

Cynthia O.’s Avatar
Cynthia O. Aug 27, 2018 309 views

What types of physical therapists are mostly needed?

#cardiovascular #orthopedic #neurological #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #therapy

Christina L.’s Avatar
Christina L. Sep 06, 2019 202 views

What developments on the horizon could affect future opportunities?

I’m a brennan student at brennan high school and I am interested in going into physical therapy. I am interested in how the body works and how the body can heal itself. #physical-therapy #medicine

Nii Afotey A.’s Avatar
Nii Afotey A. Apr 24, 2019 538 views

Are there any physical therapy shadowing opportunities for college students?

in or near Newark, NJ #physical-therapy

Annette G.’s Avatar
Annette G. Jan 27, 2020 210 views

how do I have to treat my patients if I want to do a PhD in physical medicine and physical rehabilitation ?