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What is it like working as a medic in the military?

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John’s Answer

Medics are always needed. The standards are high, so study for that ASVAB. It is truly a versatile specialty where you could be working all over. It is also one of the most respected jobs to have because you need to be there when they need you most. To see just what qualification they are asking for, you need to contact a recruiter. Over time the things they are looking for change so if you don't meet one of the qualification it doesn't mean you can't join, you just might need to work on something, like raising the score you get on the ASVAB. Good Luck!

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Jacob’s Answer

Hi, Shannon,

While I can't speak broadly on what it is like to be a medic in the Army, I can site my specific experience with medics. I was an Infantry Rifle Platoon Leader and, later, a Mortar Platoon Leader in a light infantry battalion in an infantry brigade combat team. My Rifle Platoon was assigned a line medic. He held a wide range of responsibilities that included:

  • Monitoring the physical and mental health of the platoon both in garrison and while deployed
  • Providing immediate care for casualties (while deployed) and injuries (in training)
  • Helping to resource and execute field sanitation plans (i.e. enabling my Soldiers to maintain as high a standard of personal hygiene while in the field and deployed as possible)
  • Helping to plan and execute the Platoon's combat field care training (i.e. training the rest of the Platoon how to treat a casualty or an injured Soldier)

This is one example of MANY roles you could serve in as a medic. I believe either our battalion or our brigade maintained its own aid station. Our battalion's medics also staffed the aid station during sick call in the mornings and maintained a presence there throughout the day.

Again, medics serve a variety of roles. If this career is something you're interested in, I'd suggest doing as much research online as possible (see the link below for a good starting point). If, after thorough research, you are still interested, it might be a good idea to reach out to a recruiter to get some more information.

I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions about this specific inquiry or the Army in general. Good luck!

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