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Questions For A Physical Therapist

* What got you into PT?
* What does your day to day look like?
* What are some requirements for a PT?
* What did you learn in school that you haven't used in your job?
*How is it working with patients? #physical-therapy #healthcare #physical-therapy

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2 answers

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Kayleen’s Answer

Hello Jasmine!

I went to college for being an athletic trainer because I really loved sports. An internship in PT, led me to a full time job as a PT assistance after I went through the licensing process. I really like it! There are a lot of state and federal rules to learn and follow around patient care, insurance not to mention all of the medical knowledge one applies when seeing patients every day. I like learning about my patients and helping them to get better!

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Vicky’s Answer

I got into PT after having to go through rehab myself after a bike accident. I work in the orthopedic side of PT and see patients for 45 minute visits, working a 4 x 10 schedule so I have 3 days off a week. I see patients with neck, back, arm or leg injuries, some with and some without surgeries. In school you learn about the different area of PT but you kind of pick one you like best and go into that area specifically for work. These categories include orthopedic or musculoskeletal injuries, neurological PT which is strokes, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, and pediatrics working with kids who tend to have chronic or developmental conditions. Once you find the area you like best typically you do not work in the other areas too because they are treated in different settings/clinics/hospitals, though you can if you work 2 jobs for instance. It is a very rewarding and fun field to go into

Vicky recommends the following next steps:

Volunteer or shadow at an outpatient PT clinic