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Orthopedic and manual physical therapist, FAAOMPT
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Bellingham, Washington
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Jacque’s Avatar
Jacque Nov 20, 2019 539 views

What classes in high school/college should I take to know if I would like to be a physical therapist?

#physical #therapy

Lyndi’s Avatar
Lyndi Nov 20, 2019 529 views

What did a typical day in college look like to become a physical therapists, as well as what was the most challenging class/classes?

I am a Junior I am involved in 3 sports and extracurricular activities. #pt #physical-therapy #sports

jasmine’s Avatar
jasmine May 01, 2019 766 views

Questions For A Physical Therapist

* What got you into PT?
* What does your day to day look like?
* What are some requirements for a PT?
* What did you learn in school that you haven't used in your job?
*How is it working with patients? #physical-therapy #healthcare #physical-therapy

Abigayle’s Avatar
Abigayle May 08, 2019 397 views

To become a Physical thereapist, what main certifications would i need to finish?

I am a Job Corps student at David Carasco, here in EL Paso Texas. I am being trained to help me go into the field of Physical therapist/rehabilitation. I am reaching out to you because I believe you would help me with some pre advice.
#physical-therapist #physical-therapy
Thank you for your time.

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Apr 18, 2019 515 views

What education you need to be a physical therapists?

#physical-therapist #physical-therapy #therapy

Brikiya’s Avatar
Brikiya Aug 28, 2018 1126 views

How many years will it take to become a Physical Therapist?

#physical-therapist #therapists #therapy

Katy’s Avatar
Katy Aug 16, 2018 717 views

While trying to obtain my degree in kinesiology, would it be beneficial for me to volunteer at a physical therapy office for experience?

#physical-therapy #kinesiology

Cynthia’s Avatar
Cynthia Aug 27, 2018 562 views

Why are physical therapist programs difficult to enter?

#us #physical therapy