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To become a Physical thereapist, what main certifications would i need to finish?

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I am a Job Corps student at David Carasco, here in EL Paso Texas. I am being trained to help me go into the field of Physical therapist/rehabilitation. I am reaching out to you because I believe you would help me with some pre advice.
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Thank you for your time.

2 answers

Sachin’s Answer


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Board certification is voluntary for physical therapists. However, earning certification in a clinical specialty could open up opportunities for career advancement. The American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) offers certification in nine specialty areas, including cardiovascular and pulmonary, clinical electrophysiology, and geriatrics. To be eligible for certification, candidates must be licensed and have completed at least 2,000 clinical practice hours in their specialty area. Eligible candidates who pass an exam are awarded specialty certification. Certified specialists must be re-certified after ten years.

Source: https://study.com/articles/Physical_Therapy_Required_Education_to_Be_a_Physical_Therapist.html

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Thank you for your great advice! I appreciate the help. Abigayle S.

Vicky’s Answer


You would need to get your bachelors and meet requirements for grad school, typically a year of all the basic sciences, math, anatomy and physiology. Then it is a 3 year doctorate program, after which you take a board exam.