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While trying to obtain my degree in kinesiology, would it be beneficial for me to volunteer at a physical therapy office for experience?

Volunteering in a physical therapy setting is usually required if you want to apply to a program in physical therapy. I did 100 hours in a hospital setting. I pushed people in wheel chairs around the hospital for my volunteer work. Volunteering looks good on an application, and can be a fruitful educational, or networking experience as well. You could think about volunteering in a few different environments: hospitals, out patient, nursing home, rehabilitation center, pediatric/ preschool, grade school, high school are some possibilities. Different programs may have different volunteer hour requirements, so check with the schools you want to apply to. Also, look up current requirements on <apta.org> the website for the American Physical Therapy Association. Deborah R. Brandt, PT, DPT, CMA

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Vicky’s Answer

Yes, PT school applications usually require 40-100 hours of volunteer or observation hours but it is helpful to get even more than that as the field is very competitive. If you are able to get a job as a PT Tech in your last year of undergrad or in the year between undergrad and grad school that is helpful as well.