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What is the hardest part about the job ? i imagine pushing people who are in a lot of pain to do things that will ultimately make them feel better can be tough.

i'm a senior in high school and i'm planning on going into physical therapy and would just like a better understanding of things from someone who's mire experienced. i volunteered at a hospital and worked in the physical therapy department two summers in a row and that's what really pushed me into wanting to do PT #physical-therapy #kinesiology

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Deborah R.’s Answer

Please never push people into doing something that causes them pain. Encouragement, a smile, patience, asking them to think ahead to a gratifying goal, are all ways to motivate people to do things that are uncomfortable to do. It is the relationship you have with the patient that underlies whether or not the work is difficult. Also, working with people who have burns means you have to do things, like clean the wound or change bandages that cause them severe pain. I think that would be difficult for me.

What any individual finds most difficult at any job varies with the individual. Often the most difficult aspect of a PT job is the administration and administrative activities. The patients are most often wonderful. Every patient challenge causes us to adjust our plans so we can partner with the patient to achieve mutual goals.

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