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Kalyssa’s Avatar
Kalyssa Jan 25, 2023 690 views

What is the pathway to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist?

I am going attend a four-year university this upcoming fall and was wondering how I could accomplish this goal.

Melin’s Avatar
Melin Jan 07 1216 views

How can I convince my parents to let me be a kpop idol ?

Im obsessed with k-pop and im planning to audition on J.Y.P entertainment for dance and rap maybe visuals.But the problem is my parents.They kinda want me to be a doctor instead because that was my dream job 2 years ago,I wouldnt have said that i was only 8 and i didnt even know k-pop that...

William’s Avatar
William Jun 23, 2023 738 views

Is there any volunteer places or work available for a physical therapy aide?

I would like to try my hand in this field. I am certified and just looking for some experience in the field.

Sandra’s Avatar
Sandra Apr 11, 2022 1061 views

What are the skills, training or certificates needed to be a physical therapist?

I am interested in physical therapy and would like to know more about it.

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Aug 31, 2021 1276 views

What skills do you need to be a physical therapist assistant?

#physical-therapy #healthcare #medicine

Kimbriel’s Avatar
Kimbriel May 19, 2021 801 views

What are good stretches for the back ?

The littlest thing can hurt my back ! # #physical-therapy

raikeema’s Avatar
raikeema Nov 13, 2020 1473 views

What all do i need to become a physical therapist?

My name is keema and I love helping kids. I babysit and I helped a 3 year old little boy Walk and talk when i was in daycare before a long time ago. So, I wanna help little kids and make a life changing dream come true. #physical-therapy

Luz’s Avatar
Luz Mar 16, 2020 849 views

What growth opportunities are there in the field of physical therapy?

I'm a female, 19 years old. I'm studying Rehabilitation Technician at Job Corps to become a Physical Therapist Assistants.
#physical-therapist #sports-medicine #rehab #occupational-therapy #physical-therapy

Meg’s Avatar
Meg Nov 20, 2019 502 views

Where should I go to school if I am interested in physical therapy?

I am a 9th grader and was wondering what schools are the best for going into physical therapy. Thanks! #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #schooling

leslie’s Avatar
leslie Jun 12, 2019 525 views

Are you content with your work environment as a physical therapist?

#physical-therapy #physical-therapist

kayla’s Avatar
kayla Mar 21, 2018 670 views

what are some good strengths and experiences i may need or want to be a physical therapist?

i have some good qualities for this job but im not very patient, which you should definitely have to be a physical therapist. #physical-therapy #physical-therapist #strengthsandweaknesses #experience

Elias’s Avatar
Elias Apr 29, 2018 820 views

What is the difference between physical and occupational therapy?

I'm pursuing a BS in Athletic Training with a concentration in Exercise Science.
#physical-therapy #occupational-therapy

Calissa’s Avatar
Calissa Apr 06, 2018 1098 views

im thinking about being a dance choreographer, but im not sure if they get paid enough...

i have been dancing for a long time, and i enjoy it a lot and consider doing it as my job,... but i am not sure if its the job that will provide enough money for me and my family. what should i do? #dance-education #dancer #choreography

Hayley’s Avatar
Hayley Jan 17, 2018 753 views

Should I work as a sport Physical Therapist, or as a Physical Therapist in a children's hospital?

I know that I want to be a Physical Therapist but I don't know what kind of job setting I would prefer. I play soccer and I have had the help of physical therapist and they impacted my life so much. I also love children and want to impact the life of little kids and watch them grow....

Halea’s Avatar
Halea Feb 08, 2017 1122 views

What kind of college do I need to go to if I want to become a dance instructor

Would I need to go to a 4 year college? 2 year? 8 year?
I want to know because that is what one of my main goals is because I've always loved dancing and helping others so it's a perfect fit for me. #dance #dance-education #dancers