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What are some hand on classes that helps with entrepreneurship skills?

Asked New York, New York

Want a actual physical hands on that will help with the skills I have to be an entrepreneur. #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur

2 answers

Kris’s Answer

Updated Quincy, Massachusetts

Andre, I would focus on a volunteer activity as opposed to an actual class. Here is what I would do to get the experience you are looking for:

1) Pick a volunteer area that you feel passionately about (entrepreneurship requires passion);

2)Once you determine the volunteer focus area, then research some local groups and apply to for a volunteer position;

3)Learn the organization and all the different functions. Express interest in exploring different parts of the organization to gain experience and also study what parts of the business you enjoy;

4)Progress into roles of more responsibility and leadership over time as you gain experience.

Not-for-profits are some of the best organizations to build entrepreneurship skills and do something great at the same time.

Best of luck and keep us posted!

Sebastian’s Answer

Updated Quincy, Massachusetts

Hi Andre,

Many distinguished entrepreneurs have said that the best experience in entrepreneurship is starting your own company, no matter how small it is to start. I know from experience that one of the most difficult steps is taking that first step to starting your own business. Therefore, I would recommend starting to meet with others who have similar goals such as yourself through the following activities:

  1. Joining a tech meetup. You can do this by going to www.meetup.com and searching for meetups in your area that interest you. Here, you can meet with real-life entrepreneurs who have been through the all steps of a startup cycle. They can guide you and give you first-hand experience.
  2. Go to a Startup Weekend Event. There are many events that take your idea from just a thought to the next level by working with like-minded individuals. Check out events such as https://startupweekend.org/ or https://www.leanstartupmachine.com/.

  3. Hackathons. Also, in similar taste to startup weekends, you can join a hackathon group. You don't need to know code to be a part of a hackathon team. Successful hackathon teams have a diverse group of people that can address issues that will make an idea better. This is a great way to exercise entrepreneurial skills.

You can find local hackathons on meetup.com and you will usually leave with some free gear.

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