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What's the best way to learn how to program a mobile application?

I'd like to program an app (just a small one to begin) in Swift. I have a Windows laptop, but I know that Swift works on Linux as well and I have a linux partition. What would be the best way for me to start learning how to program an app? #software

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5 answers

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Tova’s Answer

Hi Cassia, great question!

Using a Mac is a typical prerequisite for developing iOS apps. If you definitely want to start with iOS apps and Swift, your best bet would be to get ahold of a Mac (think about buying one secondhand - that may be more reasonably priced). That said, there are some other options for Windows users who want to build iOS apps; see here:

Another option would be to start your journey with developing Android apps; Android Studio runs on Windows. Alternatively, you could learn a cross-platform framework like Xamarin, React, Flutter, etc.

As others have mentioned, the best way to learn to code is to use some online tutorials, jump right in and start working on a project that interests you. Best of luck!

That makes sense, I think I'm going to go with the Android Studio route since I already have a windows. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question, I appreciate it! Cassia T.

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Rohan’s Answer

Follow below steps:

  1. Learn core Java first.
  2. Learn advanced java.
  3. Search in Youtube: "build complete application for android/IOS"(For IOS you need to learn objective C). You will get plenty of videos.
  4. Set up your environment according to the instructions from the video.
  5. Build the application described in the video.
  6. Then come up with an idea and try to implement that/include that in the same app or create a new app.
  7. Until and unless you will start to work on a project you won't get stuck and unless you get stuck you won't learn how to code an app.

I'm not doubting your advice, but asking for my curiosity. Why do you suggest learning Java instead of using Swift for writing an iOS app? I already have experience with Java, so I'll get back into learning Java so I can do this. Thank you for taking the time to respond! Cassia T.

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Prerna’s Answer

Hi Cassia,

Great Question!

Now the best way totally depends on what is the best way you can learn something.

For eg. there are many great courses available as ebook , but somehow I can't study using ebooks. So even though the ebooks might have a lot to teach and could be a great source of learning, it is not the best source for me.

On same lines , there are all the courses available both online and offline both available as instructor-led or self paced . You can chose the combination as per your preference. Use the reviews available to find out which ones provide you exactly what you are looking for.

Find the course , set yourself a timeline and find a mentor or guide you can reach out to if you get stuck somewhere and you are good to go.

All the Best!

Thank you! I just finished finals week, so I'll have much more time to focus on programming! Cassia T.

Great! All the Best ! Prerna .

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Deepak’s Answer

First of all you need to decide for which development you wanted to go for Android or IOS. Depending upon that there are many online courses offered free and paid. You can opt for any course and install the programing language eg: android studio and swift. You can also check you tube videos for beginners. Start practicing and developing phone apps. I hope this helps you.

I'd like to do iOS development for my app first then follow up with Android. Like I mentioned, I have Linux, but I can't yet figure out how to get Swift up and running. I'll probably have to ask someone who knows more than me. Are there any resources you would recommend for learning iOS development? Cassia T.

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Bijaya Kumar’s Answer

Start with researching about the technology/framework/language which are commonly used to develop any mobile application. There are so many tutorials available online to browse through and get yourself equipped with the basic knowledge and terminology. For example, you can choose a programming language based on what type of application you want to build, refer the below link:

Then, I suggest to take one classroom/online course which will guide you with a more detailed step by step approach of app development. You can get online courses from Udemy , PluralSight etc.