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Daniel W. Oct 23, 2015 3355 views

How many years in collage do you have to be a Computer Engineer?

I am asking this because i really want to be a computer engineer in the future and i'm just asking. 0: #technology #writing...


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Sarah M. Apr 26, 2016 1456 views

What questions do you recommend I ask in an interview?

I'm trying to prepare for an interview I have in a couple weeks for an internship at a tech company so i'm hoping to get some ideas of questions I should ask the interviewer. What are the best questions you've gotten from an interviewee? What are questions you've asked in an interview that went...

#interviews #human-resources #technology

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Dan L. Apr 28, 2016 835 views

What are a few jobs at your company that I probably have never heard of?

I have no idea what I want to do, so i'm always trying to learn more about what career options are out there. I want to learn about new careers, ones I probably haven't ever heard of. Any ideas or information would help, thanks. #business #technology #human-resources...


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subodh K. May 05, 2016 575 views
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lohith K. May 10, 2016 471 views
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Ivy A. Oct 19, 2016 606 views

What is your favorite thing about being a woman in the STEM field?

I attend an all girls school that is very STEM based and I was wondering what the advantages of not only this type of education, but of the career in STEM as a woman are. There is particularly controversy in math and science about the amount of women who occupy these jobs. I would like to know...

#stem #in #woman

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Georgia B. Feb 01, 2017 1207 views

How is it working as a female in a predominantly male environment?

Studying computer science, 95% of the students are male and it isn't rare to be talked down to by male students on the occasion. I was wondering how it is in the workplace if it is mainly a male environment? #computer-science #career #technology #job #graduate #female...


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Maria T. Mar 12, 2017 1784 views

What is the 1 book you would suggest everyone reads in their lifetime?

I'm making it a personal goal to read for 30 minutes daily again, and am looking for some quality material. Anything related to science, technology, or woman's history are very interesting to me. #college #engineering #science #technology #tech #women-in-tech #reading #women-in-engineering...


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Cezanne B. Apr 26, 2018 326 views

Is it worth sacrificing most of your social life during college to graduate top of your class?

I am struggling balancing my social life and my academics. As of now my time as a student has been mostly spent studying and working to pay bills. Is it worth sacrificing my social life during college to achieve high grades? #sociallife #fun #studying #hard-work...


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Juan G. Jul 20, 2018 208 views

What was your motivation to be an Engineer?

Many people say it was the hand on work however is there something deeper than that, that brought you upon to pursue this field. #engineer...


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Alexandra F. Jul 29, 2018 637 views

How is it being a female in a male-dominated career?

I am majoring in Computer Science and it is clear to me that there is a huge gender-gap. I am a bit worried about being over-looked because I will be a female in a male-dominated career. Any tips on how to stand-out and how to not let the gender-gap affect you? Thank you so much for your...

#expertise #stem #technology #career #women

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Cassia T. May 06, 2019 204 views

What's the best way to learn how to program a mobile application?

I'd like to program an app (just a small one to begin) in Swift. I have a Windows laptop, but I know that Swift works on Linux as well and I have a linux partition. What would be the best way for me to start learning how to program an app?...


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Hanan M. May 06, 2019 226 views

Do women face any challenges in STEM fields?

As an aspiring doctor, I feel like I should know if I am getting myself involved in a career that may hold certain gender discrimination. Do women still face challenges in the STEM field? #stem #technology...


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Matthew R. Sep 06, 2019 106 views

Are there any websites/articles I should keep up with to know more about your job?

I’m a senior at Brennan high school interested in biomedical engineering. Currently enrolled in robotics 2 and various science courses. #biomedical-engineering #engineering #biomedical #college #science...


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Andrea O. Sep 06, 2019 81 views

What parts of your job do you find most challenging ?

I am a senior student at Brennan High School. I’m looking into the dermatology field because I struggled with acne and i would like to help people feel confident in their own skin. #college #student #career #dermatologist #medicine #doctor #healthcare...