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How do I join a software company?

i'm interested in learning how to join a software company?

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6 answers

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Lovekesh’s Answer

There are different aspects to this question. I will try to cover a few here:

  • if you are still in school, your objective should be get into one of the premier engineering colleges/institutes of the country (e.g. IITs/NITs). Most of the top organisations (MNCs or startups) have a very clear hiring criteria i.e. they have target list of colleges they hire from and you can get selected via campus hiring placements.
  • If you are a fresher(coming out of college), the above is applicable for you. And, if you are already out of college and did not get selected from campus placements, you should do following things:

(1) Make sure that you are learning/getting trained on current industry relevant skills and not sitting idle

(2) Submit your CV on the top job portals and also directly onto company's website.

(3) last but not the least, build a LinkedIN profile and start connecting with folks from specific companies you are interested in. Also, you will see job postings on LinkedIN which you can apply to.

Last but not the least, always make sure your technical skills are relevant and updated as market moves forward.

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Meenakshi’s Answer

Hi Jaya,

If you have the right set of skills that are demanded in this market, then landing a job in the Software companies is only a matter of time. Since you’re looking to land a job in the Software companies sector, here are a few steps that you should follow to secure your switch:

  • First, acquire the skills required in product based sector. Learn new technologies that are in trend and improve your soft skills to seem confident and are able to correct communicate your credentials.
  • Second, conduct a project that showcases your practical execution of your knowledge. Along with the theoretical knowledge, the companies are looking to hire candidates who have taken a step ahead and showcased what they are worth. This sheds confidence in your capabilities to execute your skills.

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Zach’s Answer

I recommend doing the following.

  1. Figure out what kind of software company you like to join (Industry Wise)
  2. Answer Why.... Why do you want to work for Google or Microsoft
  3. Look at job postings. Understand what kind of jobs the software company is hiring
  4. Are these jobs you be interested in doing?
  5. Look at LKND and see if you have any connections.
  6. Reach-Out to these connections or people at the company. Buy them coffee
  7. See if the company offers internships
  8. And keep on trying, trying and trying. Worst case you get a no. There's always another software company out there for you to reach out too.

** Another Tip -- Utilize recruiting firms, they can introduce you to a lot of software companies very quickly **

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Sharan’s Answer

Identifying and learning about the company/field/technology will take you a long way here.

Sharan recommends the following next steps:

Software field is vast. Try to figure out what your interests are with. For example : programing/coding, IT sector, Networking etc
Once you identify your area you want to work in, you can try learning the basics on that technology. There will be lot of material online for this
Apply to companies which post relevant job roles.
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Mia Bindesbøl’s Answer

Maybe look after volunteer-jobs. This could give you an insight in what kind of job, you want to pursuit

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Ramya’s Answer

Hi Jaya,
1.You can enrol in any of the institutes providing guidance /training in any of the emerging IT technologies.
2.You can aim for a degree in BSC Computer/science /IT or a Bachelors in Engineering in computers.
3.Once you have the relevant knowledge you can build your resume highlighting your skillset and start applying to the software companies or campus placements.
4.You can also build your linked in profile.
5.If the recruited finds your profile matching to the job requirement you would be approached.

All the best !