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Javier A. Mar 01, 2016 1594 views

What are some things I should be study to become a Computer Science Engineer

Hello, I'm in 10th grade and want to be a Computer Science Engineer. I was wondering about the class and subjects I should be study for the future. What should I do? #science #engineer #computer #technology #education #help #learning...


jaya99160 J.’s Avatar
jaya99160 J. May 03, 2016 525 views

How do I join a software company?

i'm interested in learning how to join a software company? [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #career...


kanika M.’s Avatar
kanika M. May 12, 2016 2099 views

What is mean by tech?

Hi I am kanika.I am 10th std. #teaching #technology...


Christopher N.’s Avatar
Christopher N. Jan 15, 2018 310 views

How will robots impact our future generation job opportunity?

I am very curious if robots will take over much of our work industries. They are making robots more and more complex every day .... what will our future come down to? The kids or the robots? #robotics #robotics-engineer...


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hayden L. Sep 06, 2019 94 views

How many hours do you work in a typical work week?

I am a high school student who plans to go into the medical field #doctor #nursing -education...


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Anastasia H. Sep 08, 2019 114 views