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Can become a certified nursing assistant help me to become a registered nurse?

Asked Edinburgh, Indiana

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Nija’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Asia,

It is great that you are thinking about your career endeavors. If you are planning to advance your career in nursing, you must pursue either an Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Nursing and take the licensing exam in your state. Being a CNA is a great start to begin your nursing career because you have the opportunity to shadow nurses; learn from them and to explore the day to day responsibilities of a nurse. If you are definitely planning to further your career, you can attend nursing school while you're working as a CNA. Then it will be easier for you to transition to a higher position at your job once you complete your nursing degree and obtain the nursing license. Continue to work hard as a CNA and you can show your job that you have the potential to be an excellent employee. Whenever you become a CNA, create learning opportunities for yourself. Be open-minded to feedback and ask a lot of questions because it will help you accomplish your ultimate goal to become a nurse.

Nija recommends the following next steps:

  • Think about the steps to further your nursing career.
  • Create a vision board on where you see yourself in your career.
  • Ask a lot of questions and shadow nurses.
  • Consider volunteer/internship opportunities at any medical facility.
  • Consultant with a career counselor and an academic advisor.