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What other experiences and strengths to become a nurse or cna ?

Updated Kankakee, Illinois

im asking because when i get older i want become a nurse or cna #nursing #cna #career

4 answers

Lynn’s Answer


If you are already a caring, get involved and take charge kind of person you have some of what it takes to be a nurse. Nursing requires attention to detail, observation and quick thinking. You must first study hard to pass your boards but the learning never ends. It is a career that can be changed and adjusted to fit into all stages of your life i.e part time, full time, 12 hour shifts, hospital, office, community health, research and now in my case law firm.

Lynn recommends the following next steps:

  • Become a hospital volunteer

Louisa’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

Having patience and caring for your fellow human beings are foremost. For me it started very early I helped care for my Grandmother when she was ill while my Grandfather was away. I also was a Babysitter. Learning a at young age to be responsible and care for others. I believe that all nurses should be a CNA prior to becoming a Nurse. It gives you the relationship, physical, and personal care skills that you don't learn in a Nursing Program. Not because they are not important but there is just not the time. You also learn the intimate "normal's" you need to know to be able to recognize when there are "abnormals". You also have the opportunity to work along side nurses, talk to them and see if this is what you want to do.

Angela’s Answer

Updated St. Louis, Missouri

the strengths you need to possess is patience, compassion, hardworking, detailed oriented, people person, like being hands on, and being able to multi-task. To become a CNA you would just need a certification and it is a lot less schooling, but you are limited. To become an RN, you would want to eventually work your way up to having a bachelor degree. You do not need experience but you will need a certification and or a degree to get into the field. You could try to obtain a job in home health to give you some hands on experience once you complete some clinicals in your degree program. Medical career if you’re passionate and love helping people is always a good choice because it will always be there and be needed. Best of luck to you and I hope this answered some of your questions!

Christy’s Answer


The main part is that you have to be caring and patient. As a cna we deal with a lot of different people from everywhere. So compassion and a want to help others will go a long way. As with being a nurse. To become a Cna there is. 3 month class with a state exam at the end of your schooling. Nursing is a bit different. But there are programs and schools that you will attend to help you on your way. You could be a Lvn, or a Rn depending on what’s comfortable for you. I became a Cna because I wanted to help people and to let them know that some one cares. I treat all my residents like their family regardless of the situation. I really love what I do.