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I don't know what I should do if I want to be a graphic designer like classes and stuff

Asked Lake Oswego, Oregon

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Alwyn’s Answer

Updated Brockton, Massachusetts

Go to school, get the training you need, become an apprentice to an experienced designer, attend seminars, talks, lectures; watch videos online and read everything design related online (Medium is a great place to start); learn and master the tools of today’s designers. You’ll not become a designer without putting in some work along the way, keep your mind open to new ideas, new ways of seeing and doing; practice makes perfect, if not perfect than better.

Thank you so much this helps me alot
You’ll be great Kellene only if you persist in seeking answers and are open to learning always. Education is a lifelong pursuit; a gift to yourself. Let me know how I can help you further. Best, Alwyn

Elijah’s Answer

Updated Minsk, Minsk Region, Belarus

I double what Alvin recommends.

There's a lot of great courses online. Try Skillshare.com or Udemy.com.

You might want to focus on Adobe Illustrator and then Adobe Photoshop.