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What kind of art job should I do?

I want to do some kind of art because I love art and thought about being an art teacher, but I also wanted to do some kind of design engineering and do something like designing logos for companies or something #art #graphic-design

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5 answers

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Ellen’s Answer

There are lots of jobs for art, and you need to find one that fits your interests, your experiences, your education, and your talents and skills. I am a retired art teacher, and I loved my career. If you love making art and sharing your art experiences and art expertise with kids, then art education might be a good field for you. Depending on where you want to live, you'll need an undergraduate or graduate degree in art education, and some student teaching experience. I would check out the National Art Education Association (NAEA) website for more information. It's a very challenging, but a very creative and satisfying career.

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D.R.’s Answer

Hi Jacee,

Sounds like you are drawn to Graphic Arts degree program in college, or if you like the mechanisms of how things work, then maybe Mechanical Engineering program would suit you better.

Either way, load up on as MANY computer design classes CAD, Illustrator, etc. that the school has to offer. Most jobs nowadays in those fields, are asking for the applicants to be well versed in at least 3 different computer design programs. This is the future of ALL design related positions. And new systems are being developed almost on a yearly basis.

D.R. recommends the following next steps:

Research art colleges that offer CAD courses especially in the fields that you like.
If you can afford the price, invest in some computer design softwear, and start teaching yourself! Look for used ones just so you can get familiar on how they work.

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Simona’s Answer


You can look into this free course as a front end designer:

If you're creative and like spending times tweaking designs then this could be a great option for you. The demand will continue to grow and you can do many projects remotely too.

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Judith’s Answer

As you pursue your studies in art, why not take an internship in each of these disciplines during your summers? Experience will teach you what you would enjoy the most and provide focus to eliminate making poor choices. This does not eliminate the other possibilities, but rather keeps you are track to prioritize what you most love to do.

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Veronica’s Answer

Take some engineering and graphic design courses.

Veronica recommends the following next steps:

Do your research.
Go to your local career center.