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D.R. LaVoie

Retired, Fashion Footwear Design
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Middleborough, Massachusetts
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Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie Dec 10, 2019 492 views

How long did it take to get your career in the art field started?

#art #artist #fashion #career #artistic #digitalart

I would just like to know how long it took for some people to jump start their career in art. I know that for many it can take ages, but for some others it doesn't take too long with the right amount of help.

Mattea’s Avatar
Mattea Nov 14, 2019 375 views

What should I put in my fashion and design portfolio, and when should it be done?

I’m dead set on being a fashion designer, but as a year round athlete, it’s hard to build a portfolio. More specifically one that is worth looking at. #fashion #design

Nicolette’s Avatar
Nicolette Nov 21, 2019 497 views

Do employers take certificates seriously?

I am thinking about taking a certificate program at Parsons for graphic design. #graphic-design #career Would an employer look at a certificate program and still hire me without a college degree?

Jaycee’s Avatar
Jaycee Jul 12, 2019 845 views

What kind of art job should I do?

I want to do some kind of art because I love art and thought about being an art teacher, but I also wanted to do some kind of design engineering and do something like designing logos for companies or something #art #graphic-design

Johnny’s Avatar
Johnny Jul 11, 2019 331 views

How much exprience do i need to be able to start painting

painting #design #art

Giulianna’s Avatar
Giulianna Jul 26, 2019 706 views

What is it like being a fashion designer?

I have always wanted to be one, but im nervous im not passionate about it enough. What is it like? Is it very competitive? #fashion #fashion-design #design #art