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Exeter, New Hampshire
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I want to be a professional in the artistic industry or even the psychology industry.

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Maddie Dec 10, 2019 687 views

What resources should I be reaching out to/finding for people to notice my art?

How do you get people to recognize your art? Do you share it? Post it? Go to a museum? How is it possible for people to recognize your works and get a basic following to possibly live off of? #art #artist #college #fine-art #career

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Maddie Dec 10, 2019 698 views

How long did it take to get your career in the art field started?

#art #artist #fashion #career #artistic #digitalart

I would just like to know how long it took for some people to jump start their career in art. I know that for many it can take ages, but for some others it doesn't take too long with the right amount of help.

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Maddie Dec 10, 2019 716 views

How hard is it to live off of just your art?

#art #artist #psychology #fine-art #college I'm a hobbiest when it comes to art. I consider it a hobby, but would really like if I could go somewhere professionally with it. I've drawn and created my whole life, but have always been way too scared to admit that I wanted to become an artist,...