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What is the demand and wages for Brick mason?

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are local employers looking for brick layers frequently? how much is the starting pay? can you have a successful career in brick mason? #job #money #career #construction

2 answers

Mary’s Answer


All construction trades are in demand right now, which means wages are higher in average. You would need to consider what type of masonry work you want to do, Commercial or residential, as the pay scale differ between the two.

Mary recommends the following next steps:

  • Talk to your schools trade teachers, I'm not sure if how schools in NY are set up. Or contact local SkillsUSA chapter to see what training and information is available to you.
  • Go-to US Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can look up what the wages are in your area, that are good within last couple of years. In my area (VA) wages have increased 5% per year the last couple years.

Ryan’s Answer


When the construction industry is in high demand, brick masons will be in high demand as well. Currently (2019) the construction industry is strong, and in general construction workers are in high demand. Here is a salary guide from a few years back, but can anticipate that the salary's have gone up 5-10% due to demand and inflation.