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Mary Corder Dugie

Capital estimator, Cost Control, Document control, mechanical planner
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Ruben Jul 20, 2022 385 views

What tools should I get familiar with for floor laying ?

Wondering what tools that are necessary for flooring as well as what other tools can be useful

Rohith’s Avatar
Rohith Aug 10, 2016 1968 views

What College Majors have a high demand in the future?

I'm a junior in highschool (11th grade) and as I start to look into careers and college majors, I asked myself what profession(s) will the future society rely on. I have interest in computer science and would like to pursue it in the future. #college #jobs #careers #future #choosing-a-major

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Landen Aug 26, 2020 735 views

What classes should I take for carpentry?

My school has a few carpentry classes but I took them all and was wandering if there were any carpentry classes after high school.

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julian Sep 24, 2019 445 views

What is like being a construction worker?

Would like to see if this field is the right one for me. #construction

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Blake Dec 12, 2019 787 views

How much does a construction worker make?

I go to a program where I make stuff and learn what to do.

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Laniya Sep 09, 2019 676 views

What is the back ground of most senior level executives in the business field? (Specifically business continuity and risk management)

I am a 17 year old black woman who is a senior in high school aspiring to be a Business Continuity Planner. #business #business-management #management #finance #entrepreneur

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Laniya Sep 09, 2019 476 views

Are you hired underneath a specific company, or a firm that distributes workers such as yourself?

I am a 17 year old black woman who is a senior in high school aspiring to be a Business Continuity Planner. #business #marketing #management

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fernando Oct 14, 2019 614 views

whats the best place to become certified in HVAC?

#business #mechanical-engineering #engineering #job #hvac #construction

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Levi Jul 25, 2019 656 views

What kind of atmosphere does a typical work site have?

What kind of atmosphere does a typical work site have when on the job in carpentry? For both building projects and things like cabinet making. #construction #Carpentry #career #job #construction

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JoelRaymond Sep 20, 2019 485 views

What experience do I need to be a successful electrician?

#electrician #construction #relaytechnician

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Maya May 17, 2019 627 views

What is the demand and wages for Brick mason?

are local employers looking for brick layers frequently? how much is the starting pay? can you have a successful career in brick mason? #job #money #career #construction

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Brandi May 01, 2019 667 views

What are the risks of becoming a painter for construction?

#Painting #Construction

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grasiela Sep 01, 2017 1377 views

what college courses should I take if I want to become a construction manager in the future?

what courses should I major in? #construction-management #construction

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jase Mar 29, 2018 13472 views

How Many Hours Do Construction Workers Work?

because i would like to know.#construction