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Rohith Aug 13, 2016 1096 views

Which majors give the highest return ?

I'm a junior in my high school and I have hopes and desires to earn a lot of money when I am older. I would like to know what majors would give a good return before I finalize what I want to pursue. The majors I am interested in include: Finance, Engineering, Computer Science. #money...

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Rohith Aug 12, 2016 4367 views

What would be a good double major with Computer Science?

My name is Rohith and i'm a junior at my high school and I would like to double major Computer Science with another major. What would be some good options? Please answer. #college #computer-science #computer #majors

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Rohith Aug 10, 2016 1887 views

What College Majors have a high demand in the future?

I'm a junior in highschool (11th grade) and as I start to look into careers and college majors, I asked myself what profession(s) will the future society rely on. I have interest in computer science and would like to pursue it in the future. #college #jobs #careers #future #choosing-a-major