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whats the best place to become certified in HVAC?

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2 answers

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Courtney’s Answer

Hi Fernando! It depends on where you live as to the best school in your region, but your best bet would be to look for a trade school in your area. I would recommend when you are checking out trade schools, you find out from them what their success rate is in both graduating from the program and for job placement after course completion. Best of luck to you!

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Mary’s Answer

Technical school. Either while your still in High school or after while working. Some companies will hire you in as a helper and send you to class, most will not.

Mary recommends the following next steps:

Find your local school that teaches HVAC course
Contact school and speak to advisor about enrollment. See if they can recommend any of the Companies that have students in the classes.
Investigate the companies if you're able to get some names. You can contact the HR department to find out what they look for in an employee and whether they pay for training