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Megan L. Sep 12, 2018 246 views

I'm a strong writer, but I have little actual work to show that. How can I start a portfolio to show potential employers?

I've been a strong writer for years and am frequently complimented for my articulate writing. However, I rarely write for anything outside of school or work, and I haven't kept most of my writing (I know, a mistake). How can I start to prove my skills? For background: If offered, I would...


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Sael S. Mar 31, 2019 140 views
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adam H. Apr 16, 2019 84 views

What's a good college photography program that's affordable?

I'm extremely artistic, also good with people when I need to be. #student #job...


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jacob R. Sep 24, 2019 54 views

how do i help/love kids?

i loving helping people...


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Christina L. Sep 27, 2019 72 views

Are there other benefits in being a physical therapy?

I'm a senior at Brennan High school and i am interested in the medical field (Physical therapy) and i would like to know more about the process of becoming a physical therapist. #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #medicine #physical...


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Fabian M. Oct 09, 2019 134 views

What are the next steps i need to better my career?

I'm a new student trying too better my career. #career-choice...