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I need to interview en astronomer.


I need to interview en astronomer. #interviews #job-application #job #business

2 answers

Kacey’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

Hi Sael,

I am personally not an astronomer, but my sister-in-law was and she was part of a huge community of people in the field that you are interested in. Although she is no longer with us, I could see if I could reach out to one of her colleagues for you.

What is it you are looking for in regards to your interview? If you could provide me with a few questions, I could forward them on for you and return with the answers if you would like.



Courtney’s Answer

Updated Clearwater, Florida

I recently found out that my local community college has a planetarium that does free shows for the public, which lead me to find out that they have a astronomy department. Try looking up the community colleges and universities in your area to see if they offer these programs. Most of the folks I have encountered have been very passionate in their fields and would be happy to speak to someone about it.

Courtney recommends the following next steps:

  • Research if the higher education establishments have an astronomy department and reach out to the professors.