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what college courses should I take if I want to become a construction manager in the future?

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what courses should I major in? #construction-management #construction

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Mary’s Answer


Look for an associate's or bachelor's degree in Construction Management. I have an AAS in CM and Design both. But you'll definitely need to work in the field in some capacity, in your desired industry, before becoming a construction manager. Nothing replaces the field experience and knowledge so you know what is supposed to be happening and in what sequence. You cannot learn those things from a book, as each project is different.

If you go the 4 year route, you can intern or co-op at plenty of companies, especially if you're in engineering. Where I work we bring in some every year, who've hired on after graduation.

You might find a summer job in high school with a residential contractor, but most contractors have an age requirement due to their insurance.

Mary recommends the following next steps:

  • There are a lot of relevant YouTube videos, focus on scheduling and CM. There are also groups you can follow on LinkedIn that are specific to occupations as well.

Joe’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois
Depends on the type of construction work you want to be involved in. Large buildings, highway and bridges or residential/small Buildings? I work at a large national firm and know people who have masters in civil engineering and leaders with law degrees and some with speech communications majors. There are construction management majors at many colleges now, but if you are very technical in nature you should look into Civil Engineering or Architecture. In either case a strong business and communications background will be a huge asset in any area that you work in if you don’t go into engineering or construction management. So basic economics, communication skills, material engineering is a plus, construction management coursework.