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What kind of atmosphere does a typical work site have?

What kind of atmosphere does a typical work site have when on the job in carpentry? For both building projects and things like cabinet making. #construction #carpentry #career #job #construction

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2 answers

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Mary’s Answer

I agree, but it's more than just the company you work for. It will also depend on the type of construction it is and culture of all the companies working that site. Some types of construction are a bit more current on creating a good atmosphere, e.g. commercial vs. residential. Larger jobs have more than one contractor working at same time, so you have to be able to interact with everyone in site. In my construction career of over 20 years, I've witnessed the drastic change in attitudes as more women have joined the workforce. You'll run across a few people still not accepting these or any other changes that upset the status quo. Union worksites can be difficult to navigate solely because of the heiarchy that you have to break through.

Mary recommends the following next steps:

Seek out people in the trade and industry you're interested in. Local trade organization offices can help. AGC (association of General Contractors)or ABC (Associated Builders Council) or the National Housing group are good contacts to make.
See if you can visit offices of companies or Union Hall that your interested in for chat about them and what they do.

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Julianne’s Answer

That depends on the culture of the company. It is good to do an internship to learn about the atmosphere of the work site. If you can’t do that then email key personnel and ask them specific questions about their work site to learn more. Or shadow a manager for a day.

Next steps would be to reach out to people working at the company you are interested in to learn more about that particular company.