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How much does a construction worker make?

I go to a program where I make stuff and learn what to do.

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4 answers

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Edward’s Answer

What do you do in "construction"? Salary depends on your skill level, either union or non-union; which trade, location---urban or suburban; some areas need skilled craftsman, and a good one would be a jewel.

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Check out the trade you are in for the immediate and surrounding areas.

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Don’s Answer

A Construction Worker's pay can range from minimum wage to $50 or $60 per hour or more. The main deciding factor is skill level. An individual who picks up trash and moves raw materials around the job site won't make the same money as a licensed electrician or plumber, yet both may be considered construction workers. If you are 18-years-old or older and interested in a construction career, I would strongly recommend doing some research on what opportunities are available in your area. If it is money you are after, you would be wise to choose a trade that has a five-year apprenticeship. My personal choice would be the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters or The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Both will likely have an office and Jurisdiction near you. Simply contact one or both of those organizations and ask about training or job opportunities and they will direct you from there. In either case, it will help if you have a good grasp on highschool level math as both have entrance tests and an application process to become an apprentice. If you struggle with math or need a job right away, they may offer you a job as a helper and some may even refer you to a free math class if they need people. Getting started is the hardest part and it may seem overwhelming at times, but don’t be discouraged! When people in these organizations can see that you are trying your best, they are very likely to help you. Good Luck!

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A construction worker often earns 11$/hr depends on the state you are, but the attitude, energy and commitment, make a difference and can pay better soon

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Mary’s Answer

You can look at the current pay ranges on the Bureau of labor and Statistics website. They are grouped by state and city and then you can look at all types of jobs and what they pay in that area.

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