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William Matthesen

Artist, painter/drywall
Construction and Extraction Occupations - Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Cleveland, Ohio
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Blake’s Avatar
Blake Dec 12, 2019 787 views

How much does a construction worker make?

I go to a program where I make stuff and learn what to do.

Denisse’s Avatar
Denisse Feb 18, 2020 638 views

What do you like most about construction field?

#construction #like #most

Denisse’s Avatar
Denisse Feb 18, 2020 643 views

What kind of problems do you deal with in the construction field?

#career #problems #career-path

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Feb 14, 2020 631 views

What are two things you don't like about your work?


Karen’s Avatar
Karen Feb 14, 2020 621 views

What do you like more about Construction?


Domenica’s Avatar
Domenica May 14, 2020 1158 views

How have you been able to accomplish what you have thus far?

I'm getting certifications for both construction and auto mechanics and I want to open my business for either or.
#business #construction #automotive

Landen’s Avatar
Landen Aug 26, 2020 735 views

What classes should I take for carpentry?

My school has a few carpentry classes but I took them all and was wandering if there were any carpentry classes after high school.

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Apr 19, 2021 498 views

How much hands on task do you do when your going to school for construction

I like doing hands on tasks, and not book work #construction

Adan’s Avatar
Adan Mar 09, 2020 1079 views

What kinds of careers are there for people who like using they hands.

#construction #business. I like to put in work, and get recognized for my work.

Andy’s Avatar
Andy Apr 14, 2021 523 views

What career paths can you take with an art degree?

I'm currently a senior in high school and I am planning on majoring in art studio. I want to know about what career paths I can take with an art degree #art #fine-art #career #art-major

Katrina’s Avatar
Katrina Apr 15, 2021 550 views

How should I go about picking a major for college?

I'm in high school and I still don't know what major I want to take in college. I know I'm interested in art, but there are many art related majors to choose from. #art #majors

Evelynn’s Avatar
Evelynn Mar 18, 2021 419 views

what are good colleges to go to if someone wanted to be an animator

#animator #art

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Oct 21, 2020 1235 views

What do I need to become an auto mechanic

#motor #car #Tools

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Oct 21, 2020 844 views

How do I start working in Drywall

#drywall #construction

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Oct 21, 2020 843 views

How much do mechanics get paid ?

#car #money #income #salary