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What is the best way to get a job?

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9 answers

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Lauren’s Answer

Hey Emily, great question! It all depends on what you want to do and where you think you want to grow. The first thing I would recommend is networking - reach out to professionals in the field or fields you are interested in and ask them if you can stop by with a coffee for a brief informational interview (no more than 30 minutes and be sure to come prepared with questions. Google 'informational interview questions' if you are not sure what to ask). Not sure how to identify professionals in the field? Try leveraging search features on LinkedIn that isolate people specific to your town or city. Also, leverage your family and friends. See if they know anyone, or know anyone who knows anyone in your field. Look online to see if there are free or low cost professional development gatherings locally that you can attend and do not forget to promote yourself when you are there! Once you begin networking in the profession you want to be in, start asking about entry level opportunities they might know of. Be clear on what you want to work on and do not be afraid to ask what they feel a competitive starting wage would be (and then ask for that wage when you are interviewing). In addition, you can always look at job boards such as Indeed or Monster. I also would highly recommend looking at job boards local to your area. Last, and most importantly, when you get to the interview stage with a company you want to work for, do your research! Google the company, read their website thoroughly, come prepared with questions that show you are not only are ready to do the work, but you also are excited about the company. I hope that was helpful and good luck to you on your career!

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John’s Answer

As someone with minimal work experience outside of the Military, I wouldn't fully be able to answer on the specifics but I can express what I am looking for in a person when I screen for a potential candidate who wants to join my team.

1. Motivation and Drive to belong to an organization and team. I am not looking for someone who is in it for their own personal gain. We strive to surround ourselves with selfless contributors to accomplish the mission as a team.

2. Fully qualified or has the potential to be fully qualified in a reasonable amount of time. Having prior experience with positive feedback in the form of evaluations and performance results is highly recommended. If they are unable to display their current knowledge or show their ability to catch on quickly, then they may not be the best fit for our high performance team.

3. Kind/good natured, and with a sense of pride. Good quality morals and values are required to be a part of our team. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing when it is difficult and knowing that our alignment is to the mission and not only to one specific individual.

4. As a leader, it is important to understand the full picture that someone represents. It is important to see the good in someone but also recognize that everyone is not perfect. Seeing that people are human and have individual opinions and perspectives in important. I look for potential gains' Facebook and social media accounts to see what type of image that display for themselves. I also look up to see if they have had any punitive actions taken against them (police report, letters of reprimand, etc..)

These are just a few of the equatable items to look for when hiring. For the military, I also look for their physical Fitness records to see if they are in good physical standings and are healthy to handle the copious amounts for heavy lifting, travel, and stress we endure on a regular basis.

Hope this helps.

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Tanya’s Answer

I can share how I started when I had no experience and wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I signed up with a temporary agency. It allowed me to get a foot in the door, learn some skills while getting paid (and often weekly), and to gain a variety of experience in a variety of fields. Through temporary jobs I learned office skills (typing, computer, phones, filing, switchboard, etc.) working in marketing, engineering, real estate and retail companies to name a few. I was offered a job by one of the companies with whom I worked as a temp! I was even able to use those skills to get a job on a college campus while attending school and it lead to me getting a job at two medical labs for a while. I use those same skills in the insurance industry where I've worked since getting my college degree over 30 years ago. And some of those jobs offered to pay for college as long as the classes aligned with their industry (i.e. business) and good grades were maintained!

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Grotius’s Answer

One of the best way to get a job is to reach out to your network (former co-workers, friends, etc.). That helps a lot with learning about the job, the field, and overall career. Certain people, especially ones who you have worked with in the past, may even be able to refer you. Read more about networking from sites like this one: https://www.forbes.com/sites/gaurisharma/2013/02/28/a-force-to-be-networked-with/#541031cf5faa

Additionally, if you have a specific job in mind down the road, you might want to start working towards that ahead of time. Taking all the classes that you need to get a degree/certification in a specific field, and learning different skills from other jobs/building a skillset will make you more attractive to employers. It's very important to have grit to get you to where you want to be. Best of luck!

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Olivier’s Answer

Finding a job looks always scary. In any case, you need to start with a perfect CV. Spend some time on it and ask people to review it. I know it is hard to share it and I know some consultants can help you building it for a small fee. Do not forge to update your linkedIn too.

Once you have your CV ready, job boards will be a good starting point - that's how I found my job at Airbnb actually. Networking is also a good way to find one. Ask your family, friends, previous colleagues/boss. As much as possible keep a good relationship with your previous managers as they will at one stage be contacted by recruiters in order to give you a reference.

Finally job fairs are also becoming pretty popular especially for engineers.

Olivier recommends the following next steps:

Do your CV
Update your LinkedIn
Sign-up to job boards
Let the world know you are looking for a job.
Go to job fairs

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Lucy’s Answer

A great way to get a job is to introduce yourself to people around you doing different jobs, ask questions and be curious and you may get an opportunity to get some work experience with them. I heard a great story of someone who made a video of themselves as an introduction, they sent it to a number of companies that interested them, these were in social media, and they got several job offers!

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Joseph’s Answer

Depending on which industry the best way to begin to narrow your ideal job is through job boards like Indeed. Ultimately your best leverage is to network with those you know or through LinkedIn.

Best of luck in your journey.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Emily,

I would recommend putting together a resume first. From there I would say that the best bet would be to check the online job websites that companies use to fill positions.


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Rachael’s Answer

Rachael recommends the following next steps:

Create an elevator pitch
Create a resume
Create a cover letter
Obtain a letter of recommendation