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im not entirely sure what i want to apply to grad school for. im interested in becoming an MFT, a career coach, a life coach, or anything in that area of focus!

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2 answers

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Andrea’s Answer

Hi There!

This is my comfort zone! Career coaching... I will say that it is definitely possible if you have a solid career within HR already. I did and still chose to get my Masters in Organizational Management with a concentration in Human Resources Management. This helped my career tremendously and also adds a little validity and trust that you are truly an expert in your area.

I would say, YES... Grad school would work wonders but please be sure to already have a connection within career coaching. Some tips in To-Do... Best of Luck!

Andrea recommends the following next steps:

Choose an area within career coaching you would like to focus on; industry, candidate or company coaching, building curriculum for virtual or in-person training.
If you are interested in Life Coaching; there are several accredited certification courses available. This does not require a degree, if you do choose a degree- go the Communications or Public Administration route.
Continue to be great! You got this!

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Tess’s Answer

Hi Ivy,

It sounds like we have many of the same interests! One thing that I would definitely recommend is to see if you are able to connect with any current professionals in the fields that you are interested in exploring. Here is how I see the difference between therapy and coaching:

Therapy is often very focused on exploring the past, and trying to figure out how past experiences and behaviors have molded your current life experience and world view.

Coaching is more focused on the present and future: how are you now, and how do you want to be moving forward?

The conversations can definitely cover a lot of the same topics, but in terms of the differences between these fields, I think that's an important distinction.

I'll also say that I have found the differences between life coaching / executive coaching / career coaching end up being smaller than one might think. At the end of the day, you are really coaching the whole person - so that includes who they are at work, who they are at home, and every other part of a person.

One nice thing about exploring these fields is that you get to talk to a lot of "people people" who often enjoy helping to develop other folks, mentoring, and being a connection. So it should be an enjoyable process!

Best of luck to you! :)

Tess recommends the following next steps:

Explore coach training programs like Coaches Training Institute, etc
Ask friends, family, co-workers, classmates whether they know anyone in the MFT / HR / coaching fields and see if they will help to set up a conversation with you