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Does taking AP change what you learn in college?

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Martha’s Answer

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Hi Kanon! Taking AP courses may allow you to get college credit for some courses you may need in your degree. It won't change what courses you need to take for your degree, but it may allow you to skip basic courses so you can focus on taking other courses sooner! If you know what you want to major in in college, and you know where you want to study it, I would recommend looking up that university's AP score requirements (like what scores they'll give credit for which tests) and just take AP courses that will get you credits you will need for your degree. Another option I had that you may also have is getting college credit by taking college courses while in high school (like English, calculus, etc).

G. Mark’s Answer


When I took AP courses in high school, there were a few of us who took those courses and then took a qualifying exam for each of the areas. They were French, English, Math, and Science. Taking those exams and qualifying with at least a three out of five got us extra credit to skip some college courses and proceed to the next level. One of the things that did for me, besides skipping those courses, was that I was able to complete courses at a higher level in each of those areas before graduating as an undergrad.

My take on this is that, yes, it did change what I learned in college. And I think I benefited from it greatly. I also think it had an effect on getting recruited for a prestigious R&D company later, and that had a profound effect on my life for the better.

My advice is that if you have an opportunity, take it.