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do you need a collage degree for gymnastics

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Hi Brynn,

Being a professional gymnast is not a lifelong career. Most professional gymnasts start training before puberty, and the work often consumes them right up until college. Then they have to decide what to do for the rest of their lives. Professional gymnasts might go into health careers, such as medicine or physical therapy, or become physical education teachers or gymnastics coaches. However, you don’t need a degree to be a professional athlete, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics -- a high school diploma will do. At that point, some become coaches. Gymnastics coaches might have a degree in related subjects, such as kinesiology -- the study of muscle movement -- or physical education. They might also hold degrees in completely unrelated subjects, such as business. Those who stay in the sports field might become managers, business owners or physical education teachers. Others might coach while going to school and then move on to professions such as social work or psychology. Physical fitness is another possible field for professional gymnasts. This is another field in which a high school diploma is often sufficient, although the BLS notes more employers have begun to require an associate or bachelor’s degree in a field such as exercise science, kinesiology or physical education. Certification, however, is often required or preferred in this field, and the BLS notes advanced certification does require at least an associate degree. Most certifications are related to a particular discipline such as Pilates or yoga. Your choice of degree really depends on what your long-term career interests and goals are. You might want to go into a field in which your gymnastics knowledge and experience are valuable, such as high school physical education. Some medical careers are related, such as sports medicine, in which case you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, four years of medical school and a residency or fellowship.

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What Degree Do You Need to Be a Professional Gymnast?


G. Mark’s Answer


No, you don't. But consider that competing gymnasts are generally from college teams, so if you don't pursue your gymnastics in a college environment, you'll be at an extreme disadvantage. Now, it's possible you might find a job as a gymnast in some entertainment field or use that prowess in another sport. But why not take advantage of a college environment. You might learn a lot of other stuff, too!