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How active is Law enforcement ?

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Are your days slow or busy? What is something difficult about your job, such as the people you deal with.

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David’s Answer


Emely, if you are asking what the pace is, then it depends on the city. If you are asking about pro-active policing, it depends on the individual, or a particular watch commander. And sometimes, just the department itself mandates it. I know police officers, that don’t go looking for trouble. They just answer calls and stay moderately vigilant on duty. I’ve seen one officer, in a city that I lived in , pull over an eleven year old on his bicycle and asked him if he was on probation, or parole. The best police officers, that I’ve ever seen and worked with, are the real quiet and polite ones. So if you want to listen in on busy,, or slow, go to http://Broadcastify.com/ Any major city, like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, are good places to listen to active. The best one, is Cook County, IL. Chicago Police (Zone 6 district seven and eight. ) Its inspiring and quite entertaining. You will hear, over the air, some of the difficulties. Listen to the nature of the call and the call notes. You will be able to tell real fast, what the difficulties might be, when they arrive.

For a slower pace, look at something like, Dallas County, IA. You make like that pace better. If you apply for departments, in the future, pick ones first, where your back up is close. Sheriff’s Offices and State Police, isn’t always as close as city police.