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Can you advance in biotechnology

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3 answers

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Thy T.’s Answer

Hi Daniel,

You can definitely advance in biotech. There are many different fields you can choose: medical, testing, agriculture, biofuels, etc. You can either work in a company or doing academic research. Typically, PhD would help to advance in academic research and sometimes industrial research. If you like to work in industry and research is not your main focus, a master would suffice.

If you're in a company, there are many departments you can work in: labs, QA, QC, R&D, marketing, business, training, etc. There are many options for you. Good luck!

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Mouna’s Answer

Yes, you definitely can. There is different degrees and certifications that you can study to advance. However, they depend on which discipline in biotechnology you are interested or working at . Biotechnology is a very diverse field you can be working in fields like genetics, biochemistry or developing new medicines or therapies. Also agriculture or industrial biotechnology like productions of chemicals , textile; etc

Mouna recommends the following next steps:

if you can elaborate your question a little more? Maybe what’s your area of interest in biotechnology

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Renee’s Answer

Yes, can advance with specific degrees

Renee, Thanks for your answer! What degrees specifically? Maybe some next steps you'd recommend? Jordan Rivera COACH