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Biomedical Engineer
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Houston, Texas
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Khyati Sep 04, 2019 545 views

Premed student career

Hi I am currently a premed student studying biochemistry in NYC to become a pharmacist . I have a few volunteer experiences but not any internships within this field . Where can I search for internships and volunteer opportunities within my field to help improve resume and career within my...

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Giovani Sep 03, 2019 650 views

Is it too late to study in university

I've been in administration of justice my past 3 semesters in college . I've realized that becoming a peace officer isn't for me. Now that I think of it, I want to study to become a software engineer. Since my overall GPA is very low I want to know how can I proceed. #college #software...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 03, 2019 716 views

Should I take language classes in high school (Spanish, German, etc.), if I want to go to college to become a professional pilot?

Im in 10th grade and I don’t want to take a language class, but am told that I should if I want to go to college. Should I take the classes to go to aviation college in the U.S.? #college

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Daniel May 28, 2019 618 views

Can you advance in biotechnology


Rhea’s Avatar
Rhea Apr 22, 2018 1707 views

With the field of biomedical engineering, are there any problems being a girl?

I heard that in most STEM fields, being a girl means you earn less, there are less opportunities, not as many companies believe girls are capable, girls are of less value. I wanted more information if this was a myth or if it was true and how it might be a bad decision to go into this field....

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Mary Mar 21, 2017 1074 views

Is it possible to study Medicine after undertaking a bachelaor deree in Medical Laboratory science and Biotecnology?

I study Chinese in Taiwan and after I finished my one year of studying Chinese language I want to study Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology because it is the only program offered in English besides engineering courses. However my dream is to study Medicine. #medicine #biotechnology...