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Crime Scene Investigator vs. Crime Scene Technician vs. Forensic Science Technician

Asked Durham, North Carolina

What are the difference between these three careers? They are pretty similar and I wanted to know what the clear differences between them are? #criminal-justice #forensic

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Daniel’s Answer

Updated Lafayette, Indiana

In my experience, these are just labels and they vary quite a bit.

I have worked as a police officer who focused on crime scene investigations. So I was a police officer but I would stop to handle major crime scenes, as my agency did not have a civilian crime scene technician.

A crime scene technician is often a civilian who responds to crime scenes. A crime scene technician takes photographs, collects evidence, and produces crime scene sketches.

A forensic science technician typically works in a laboratory focusing on a highly scientific field, such as chemistry or biology.

Again, these job titles are not strict!