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Did ypu go through multiple emplyers to advance in your career or did you stay with the same job?

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2 answers

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Roberto’s Answer

Hello Joseph,

I've experienced both sides , I worked through all my college years and on the early years following graduation I switched employers every 2-4 years ( within and outside my country ), that gives you exposure to different company cultures, styles, office politics, other countries / languages, of course industries and verticals within your specialty, and for the last 20 I've stayed in the same company. I've had opportunities to move but at the end I love it working here with the good and bad things this company has ( all do , no matter which ) , staying longer gives you the opportunity to grow and expand your skills, live in different countries, mature and grow in an specific role / specialty longer than 1-2 years .. so if you're clear on what industry / field is your true passion and decide to pursue a role in one of the lead companies there, then staying a long time makes sense .. if you're going to jump across companies, as long as you add something valuable to your resume and to your own personal profile / character / perspective, then try to do it in your early years . Hope this helps !

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Ceil’s Answer

I laughed when I saw this: my entire career has been a series of new companies, each of which offered me either career advancement or a lateral move to expand my skill set. It has been a wonderfully satisfying career (I'm about to start a fantastic new job, and I'm 65 years old), and I highly recommend it. My experience - and what I've seen of others' experience - is that you will advance more quickly and make more money at each stage by having multiple employers. That said, it depends on the work you want to do - I'm in the learning & development field, which is a set of skills that can flex across multiple industries and content areas. If you're a mechanical engineer specializing in one ME area, your options may dictate fewer employers.

Ceil recommends the following next steps:

Search LinkedIn for the variety of companies and industries that hire people in your profession
If it's a profession that's relevant in many industries, set aside concerns about whether you stay with one employer or go to many.
Get that first (or second or third) job - you didn't indicate where you are today in your career
If you're happy there, and you love the people, don't bail just for more money. That pretty much always backfires. First consider how you might have multiple careers within the single organization - many people have super fulfilling careers moving from department to department in a single company (and sometimes moving to different countries as a result, if that's a goal for you)
Never stop looking for the next opportunity - keep it on a low simmer when you're new in a job, happy with the job, or satisfied with what you're accomplishing. Bring it to a more active boil when you're losing interest in your current firm, or when the tea leaves suggest the firm is losing interest in you!