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what are current job prospects like?

Updated El Paso, Texas

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Rebecca’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

I imagine that it would depend on where you live and what specifically you are looking to do for work. However, unemployment in many areas is at an all-time low, which makes the market very hungry for new employees. If you have experience in something, that would make you even more attractive to a potential employer. If you don't, it might increase the time it takes for you to get a job, but don't be discouraged! You will find one if you keep looking. You can reach out to local recruiting agencies in your area and ask them, as well. My husband is a recruiter and talks to people about job prospects all day. Many of them will also help advise you on career paths that make sense or can even help you to get an interview and job!

Mary’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

A great potential job prospect is available in the Tech industry with emerging technologies like AI, automation, bots, data visualization. Looking for a career and starting your education to work towards learning these skills will provide you great opportunity!