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Alexi C. Aug 21, 2018 365 views

How to find a better sense of self?

I feel like sometimes I don't know myself. How do I find myself? Also how will this elp me find a profession? #counselor...


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Evelynn O. Aug 29, 2018 332 views

If I graduate from college and realize I've chosen the wrong major, what are my options?

I think many college students feel the stress of choosing the college major that is right for them-- what if they choose wrong? I'd like to know what my options are in case I find myself in this situation a few years down the road. Thanks! #choosing-a-major #majors...


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Robert M. Sep 18, 2018 242 views

How do I know if my major is right for me? How do I know I love it?

I don't necessarily want the highest paying job, I want a job where I can be able to wake up every morning at 7 am and be overly excited to go to work. How do I locate my major like that? What tools do I use? How do I know it's the right fit? #job #college-major...


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Daniel R. Jun 06, 2019 151 views