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Bogotá, Colombia

Within 40 mile radius
Emilio’s Avatar
Emilio Jun 22, 2023 348 views

What should I do after high school if I want to go to the U.S?

What should I do? I'm a high school student looking for some advice regarding major/sponsorship/financial-aid/college options/job options. I live in Colombia and after high school I want to study in a U.S University that later on helps me find a job/get a job visa. I'm very unsure about career...

Mar’s Avatar
Mar May 21, 2023 407 views

If I'm already working in the pharmaceutical industry (regulatory affairs) and have a background in research, is it necessary to get a PhD degree if I want to continue my career in research or I the chances to relocate in my company with Master degree are higher? What would you recommend?

I'm a Pharmacist with a Master in Neuroscience. Currently, I'm working in regulatory affairs field. I would like to continue my career in research (drug development). I'm trying to decide the best way to get to my purpose.

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